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In the UK there are many energy suppliers including the household names such as British Gas, Scottish Power, N Power, EDF Energy, EON and Scottish and Southern Energy. All of these energy companies are competing to give you the best gas and electricity deals leading to lower power tariffs.

How do you switch electricity and gas suppliers and isn't it difficult? Well, the process is easy and just takes a few minutes of your time. Below is a summary of the process in order to switch gas and electricity supplier. It is important to note that throughout the switching process you will never be without gas and electricity.

i) You firstly log onto one of the energy price comparison sites and compare gas and electric prices of all the major energy suppliers in the UK. Here you can see examples of all the savings you can make.

ii) You then switch to your chosen supplier. From the results page you can click on to the tariff of your choice. Here you will just need to enter a few details that the supplier will need such as your address and how you will pay. For example if you choose to pay by direct debit you will need to put your bank details down.

iii) Your new supplier whom you have chosen will contact you to confirm your request to switch and they will "talk" with your current supplier to put into action the switch.

iv) You switch to your new supplier.
sähkön hintavertailu

sähkön hintavertailu

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